Panda parts 3d printing

I will go further in English from now on, this in order to make this site more accessible for more people around the world. I will also post about other things than the RC plane, like 3D printing, my car mods and random other stuff.

I recently bought a car, a Fiat Panda 100HP. This is a sporty version of the normal Panda. There are some mods done from the factory like, lower and sporty suspension, sporty seats, a spoiler and other body work, and the most important part: the 1.4L 100HP engine with a 6 speed gearbox!


So, al nice and happy I posted something on a Dutch forum and was invited to a private Panda 100HP WhatsApp group. Al likeminded people there with all kinds of skills.

Someday some of the WhatssApp group asked for a part of the cargo lid hinge. He could get the small part, but only if he bought the whole cargo lid! So I said that I could copy the part and 3D print it for him.

The part had a nice flat  spot so it could be printed quit easily and there were no weird curves. So the drawing was a success and now the print. I printed it using PETG and tested it, not successful. The peg broke off! To make sure the next part was sturdy enough I added a screw though the part. As you can see in the next photo.


There was only one thing missing, the rubber part. So, I printed the rubber part using TPU. This was kind of a trial and error process. I printed the rubber part using the original dimensions. But the TPU was much more stiff than the original rubber part. So I adjusted it and printed it again. Still won’t fit. Adjust, print, test. Still won’t fit. The fourth part eventually fitted properly and so I copied a Panda part!



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